REEK Perfume

In September 2016 one of Urban Reivers’ three collections; REEK Perfume, rebranded to become a standalone entity.  Stark Studio spent time developing a brand image and website to encapsulate the rebellious nature of the company, and have since worked closely with the company on campaigns, graphic design, branding, social media content and website maintenance.  All photography was created in collaboration with creative director Molly Jane Sheridan, and developed to form a bold identity for the company that communicates itself throughout each and every visual.  The REEK logo itself was altered and developed by Stark Studio to best represent the high end nature of the brand.  REEK Perfume’s website is the highlight of the show, a bold representation of the company’s ethos and beliefs – the use of flashing image throughout is intended to serve as a loud declaration of the company’s belief that their customer is ‘every woman.’


Photography, Website Design, Graphic Design, Branding